Principal's Message

On the 1st November 2010, Garforth Green Lane Primary School became one of the first seven primary schools in England to become a primary academy and changed its name to Green Lane Primary Academy (GLPA).

GLPA is a successful school in the outer east side of Leeds in the community of Garforth and works in partnership with the Delta Academies Trust.

The academy has a strong ethos with highly qualified and dedicated staff who believe in supporting the development of successful, well-rounded children who will become positive members of the community.

 As of 1st September 2014, Green Lane has a 60 intake on entry from Reception to Year 6 with a 52 place nursery.  The current roll includes 425 children from Nursery to Year 6.  The academy has an outstanding reputation within the local community and surrounding areas and is highly preferenced for reception and in year transfer admissions.  Over the last 5 years, GLPA has become a popular local primary with most mobility happening with new in-year transfers from new families moving into the area. 

 GLPA has a no exclusions policy and has not had an exclusion for 10+ years and the attendance rate is approximately 97%.

 The vast majority of children that attend Green Lane are White British with 3.0% of the children coming from English as an Additional Language (EAL) families.  The main language is Chinese (Mandarin) and Arabic spoken in the home rather than English.  7.4% of the children are within a variety of ethnic minority groups. 

 The percentage of children in the 10% most deprived areas is 0.06% and the current FSM level is 5%.  11% of the children receive Pupil Premium Grant.

 10.8% of the children are on the SEN register as SA+ or statemented.  GLPA has a reputation as being  a highly inclusive academy.

 Good relationships exist with local partnerships including the Garforth Family of schools and other Leeds schools as well as other academies within the Delta Academies Trust group.

 We understand how making a decision about where your child will attend school is not an easy task. A lot has to go into making that decision.  We warmly invite you to make an appointment to view the academy and discuss with us your child's needs.

Mrs. T. Prince