Celebrating British Values

20th October 2015

This week we are celebrating British Values.  There are several activities planned in classes and across the academy. We are proud to live in Britian and we believe it something to celebrate!

One way we are celebrating is using inspirational British people as role models for British Values.  Each class has chosen someone they want to learn about.  Some of these people include:

Stephen Hawkings

Jamie Oliver

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Mr Tumble

Mo Farrah

Henry Moore

Emily Bronte

JK Rowling

Andy Murrah

Emmeline Pankhurst

and MORE!

In addition, we decided to hold our Academy Council elections during this week.  Democracy is an important British Value and actually putting it into practice makes it real for all of us.

Charity is also part of good British Values.  We are collecting food and non-persihables to give to the needy of our community this week and also having a Harvest Festival Assembly led by Rowan Class.

It is going to be an awesome week!