General Knowledge Quiz

22nd June 2018

On Monday 18th June, Mrs Coates held a General Knowledge quiz for KS2! Two children (one boy and one girl) were selected to take part in the quiz. The teams were named after constellations (Pegasus, Pisces, Scorpius and Hercules). The crowd got flags to wave for their teams! Each team had four players. In Pegasus there were: Ben, Zoe, Sophie and William. There were four rounds; round 1, 2 and 3 were about things we’ve learnt this year and round 4 was about general knowledge.

I, Ben, enjoyed the General Knowledge quiz a lot! My favourite part was when we found out which team the winner was (PEGASUS). Each team did super well and I’m very proud. I think the quiz was an awesome idea and it should definitely happen again.

By Lily and Ben.