Inter-house football.

29th June 2018

Inspired by the fantastic football we are being treated to at the World Cup in Russia, LKS2 held their inter-house football competition on Wednesday. There was some really good football played in some very warm conditions. It was great to see children revelling in the chance to play for their house - for many it was the first time they had done so this school year.

The tournament saw all the houses play each other once and get 5 pts for a win, 3 for a draw and 1 for a loss.


 1ST and Champions: New (15 pts)

 2nd Sherwood (11 pts)

 3rd = Dalby and Dean (5 pts)

Well done New House!

 One child said to me afterwards - "Thanks so much for giving me the chance to compete against other houses". She summed up nicely the ethos lying at the very heart of our inter-house system. Increasing chances for children to participate in competitive sport. Thanks to Mr Wales for organising (and refereeing) the event.