14th March 2018

On Monday twelve Year 3 children represented GLPA in a Garforth Schools New Age Kurling competition. For those of you not familiar with New Age Kurling, it was while watching the Ice Curling World Championships that John Bennett came up with the idea of New Age Kurling. The game is played by pushing stones comprising of bearings along the ground towards a target with the idea being to get as many of your stones closer to the centre of the target than your opponents stones. It requires accuracy, careful application of power and a cool head under pressure.


Our three teams relished the chance to represent the school and compete. They often delivered their stones with great skill and precision and played the game in a marvellous spirit. In the tournament each of our teams played six games, some of which they won. The tournament winner was the team with the most points scored over all six games. GLPA came third with East Garforth the winners of the competition - congratulations to them as well as all of our children who were a credit to the school through their behaviour and sportsmanship.