Leeds Book Awards

25th May 2018

On Tuesday 22nd May 2018, we went to Leeds Book Awards 2018 with Mrs Martin and Miss Paterson. Sadly, four authors couldn't make it so that only left two authors; Stephanie Burgis and J.R.Wallis (John Rupert Wallis). There were just under 500 people from different schools. After, we watched a game show which was all about books by different authors; it was called 'Aim High or You Might Get a Pie!' Then, we found out the winner! The winner was... Letters from the Lighthouse. Next, we went to the book signing, Zoe and Fiona got a book signed, it was 'Dragon with a Chocolate Heart'. Matthew and Evie got one of the school books signed. We had lunch on the grass and came back to school.

Written by Fiona, Evie, Zoe and Matthew.