School Games Day

21st June 2018

Wednesday 20th June was School Games Day at Green Lane. The day was designed to be a celebration of P.E learning during the year. With a carousel set up, children were able to try a range of different sporting activities. It was great to have the whole school involved from EYFS to Year 6 - the playing fields were packed full with physically active Green Laners everywhere you looked!

Early Years had lots of balancing and stability challenges to do in a specially set up obstacle course. They showed brilliant control as they navigated their way round the course. KS1 children got to try football, gymnastics, cricket and athletics! There was plenty of skilful running, catching, climbing and shape creating evident. 

The afternoon was the turn of KS2 - they got to try ultimate frisbee, netball, rounders, athletics, football and cricket. Lots of competitions in each area led to lots of fun.

A big thank you to Mr Wales our School Games Leader for organising such a fun and enjoyable School Games Day.


Mr Bright