Super Movers

19th January 2018

The BBC and the Premier League are working in partnership on a new initiative called Super Movers.It helps children to become more active throughout their school day to enhance their learning and get them moving in the classroom.


Year 3 and Year 4 took part in the live lesson of fun, active maths where Alex Scott MBE joined CBBC favourites Ben Shires and Naomi Wilkinson to showcase Super Movers content.


Mr Bright - A maths lesson like no other!! Active, energetic and memorable.

Jake - "I liked it that we could see the premier league trophy!"


Rebecca - "It was really, really good because you get to do dancing while you do maths".


Leila - "I liked it - we were getting active!"


Freya - "The dancing was really fun!"


Siyana - "I liked it but the sheet was a bit hard".



Serina said 'I liked the whole lesson because I have learnt new things like fractions and decimals.'


Alfie said ' I loved it because I saw LFC mascot ans LFC are my favourite football team!'


Eva said ' I liked the bit where we got up and danced.  I also learnt how to change fractions into percentages.'


Jack said 'I liked the super moves.'


Olivia said 'I loved the super moves and the fractions.  I also loved seeing Alex Scott because she inspires me in football!'


William said 'I learnt that cent means 100 in Latin.'