Y5 visit to Leeds Grand Mosque

5th July 2018

Y5 visited the Mosque in Leeds yesterday, please read Zack's account of the visit.

After we arrived at the mosque, a man talked to us about when Muslims came to pray and he also sang to us the Arabic call to prayer. Next he told us about the five beliefs of Muslims including the prophets and the messengers and that there is one God. A different man talked to us about the five pillars: praying, fasting, Hajj, Zakat and declaration of faith. Afterwards a woman talked to us about the different versions of the Qur’an. Lastly, we went upstairs and me, Michael, Matthew, Joseph, Georgia, Alex and Sophia were chosen to try some Muslim clothes on. We had some drinks and biscuits. I thought it was a great experience and I would like to go again because I learnt a lot from them.

By Zack Y5