Academy Advisory Board

Alongside the staff, the school has an Academy Advisory Board (the AAB), made up of volunteers who work with the Head of Academy and Academy Senior Leadership Team to improve the whole life of the academy.  Different people make up the Academy Advisory Board, including parents, local residents, professionals, and staff members and they act as a key link between the Academy, parents and local community.

The AAB provides challenge and strategic direction for the future development of the Academy, ensuring focus is on Academy improvement.  AAB members  help advise the staff, develop the school, and support the pupils to become the best they can be! Being a member of the AAB could mean meeting with staff on a regular basis, helping to interview new staff members, getting the input of pupils and their families and sometimes helping with events and activities. We each bring different skills to the AAB, but are united by a passion to see the Academy develop and flourish!

We’re always on the look-out for new people who might be interested in joining the AAB, so please get in touch if you might be able to join us. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch about any of this, or anything else, by asking at the main office.

Chair of the Academy Advisory Body

AAB members

Jo Sercombe – Head of Academy

Steve Baker – Chair

Stuart Cooke – Delta Appointed Member

Sharon Elliot – Delta Appointed Member

Wendy Heath – Clerk

Resources and Finance Committee – Steve Baker, Jo Sercombe, Hannah Burton (Delta HR), Amanda Small (Delta Core Finance), Chris Farnell (Office Manager).

Full board including, Standards Committee – Jo Sercombe, Steve Baker, Stuart Cooke and Sharon Elliot.


FAO Chair of AAB C/O Green Lane Primary Academy

Ribblesdale Drive

Garforth, Leeds

LS25 2JX