Personal Development

Opening young minds to a world of possibilities through education

Through our shared vision, we are driven to give the children of our school community the best start to
their personal, academic and working life. Our aim is to ensure that all our children are safe, responsible
and respectful young people, preparing them for secondary school and beyond. We have carefully
considered the local context and have coherently planned our curriculum and wider offer to teach
them the characteristics to become successful and responsible citizens of the future.

We worked with pupils, staff and parents to develop our vision. We also developed key characteristics
that we believe will prepare pupils to achieve this vision. The curriculum has been mapped to ensure
that pupils have access to opportunities to develop these characteristics. The curriculum gives many
experiences to develop these skills, but we have also developed our wider offer to ensure that pupils
have access to a range of further opportunities.

Personal Development Curriculum Map

All pupils experience a rich PSHE and SMSC curriculum, including British values and RSE. Please see links to further information on our offer in these areas:

Academy Parliament

Children are a key part of our school and therefore each year, we hold democratic elections to select representatives from each year to sit on the Academy Parliament. The members then meet with Mrs Sercombe to discuss school issues, or things that the children would like to raise, representing their classes wishes and feelings.

This is a key part of British Values in action.


The school community has raised money for a number of causes. One of these was Shelter, the UK homeless charity. The charity was chosen by the Academy Parliament and the children were able to raise over £700.

Community Pledges

Each year, we have asked each year group to chose a community pledge. Whilst it is fantastic that we raise money to support charities, we really wanted the children to ‘do’ something for their local community.

See below for the ideas they have selected. These are a great range of activities, that allow us to thank and support our communities in a number of ways. As an example, Year 5 visits NET and entertained the people from the community. It was such a success that we have been invited to return!

DARE Programme – Life skills

In Year 6, our pupils take part in the DARE programme. This programme is designed to inform, educate and prepare pupils for everyday situations that they may face. The programme provides a decision making process model and resistance strategies. It also helps pupils to understand personal responsibility and consequences.

Areas covered include coverage around:

Drugs, alcohol, knife crime, hate crime, stress, peer pressure, and communication.


We have an active eco-council who meet regularly to develop our eco-strategy and consider ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

The council also meet with other eco-groups in the Garforth school community.

The school lead is Miss Key.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

At Green Lane, we have a vast range of high-quality clubs that children can access. Some examples are coding, ‘Go Wild’ outdoor skills, martial arts, chess and much more.

Educational Trips and Residentials

Educational trips and residentials are an important part of our school offer. Learning in new environments, being a responsible citizen and independence are all key life skills that children are taught. We also believe that new experiences are also key to developing ambition and developing an understanding of the wider world.

Garforth Peace Flame

On 28th April 2017 a World Peace Flame Monument was installed in Garforth, Leeds.  As a school we regularly engage in activities with the Garforth team, to develop children’s understanding of peace and conflict and the role we all play as citizens of the world.

We recently contributed to the Garforth peace flag.

Green Lane Gazette Journalists

Each term our school journalists report on events and topics from around the school. This is a great opportunity to use their writing skills, but also contribute to the wider community.

Music Tuition

We offer a vast range of musical instrument tuition opportunities. Children are able to learn to play instruments as part of the curriculum, but in addition to this 25% of our pupils elect to take advantage of further tuition. We ensure that pupil premium children also have access to this. This offer enables pupils to develop their own personal interests and talents. Each year we have a music concert to showcase pupil talents and progress.

Poetry Competition

Each year we hold a Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 poetry competition. Children can recite a poem or compose and perform their own piece. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop and share poetry, but also to develop oracy and performance skills.


As well as a high-quality PE curriculum, children at Green Lane are able to participate in a vast range of sporting events, which include inter and intra-school opportunities. We participate in a number of competitive events, for example cross-country, football, athletics and more. Within this, we have provision to promote inclusion of all groups.

We are currently the Delta Trust Athletics Champions (2022) and have attained our Gold School Games award.

We also hold regular sessions where children and parents are able to try sports and activities, when we hold open events with local clubs. This enables families to try new things together, but also have access to local clubs to develop interests outside of school.

Votes for Schools

Each week we take part in the Votes for Schools poll, across KS1 and KS2 (Years 1-6). Votes for Schools is a key element of our curriculum, including rich exposure to issues involving British Values and social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. The approach allows pupils to consider current world issues and have their say in terms of the opinion they develop on a question over the course of the week. The week starts with a school assembly and then later in the week their is a further class based sessions, which ends with a vote.

Please see the results of a recent poll, which asked whether the Lionesses’ Euro win would lead to long lasting change in the world of football.

Young Voices

Each year we participate in Young Voices in Sheffield. This is involves the school joining other schools to form a huge choir and perform to parents. Prior to this, the children spend time learning the songs and developing their singing and performance skills.