Eco Council

We are very proud of the children who take looking after their school and the planet seriously and work hard to make the GLPA staff, children and community aware of the work they do. Every year we elect a new Eco Council to continue to improve our local and global environment and lessen our impact on the world.

Eco-committee Members:

Our committee is made up of three Key Stage One representatives, two Year 3 reps, two Year 4 reps, two Year 5 reps and two Year 6 reps.  They work with our Lead teacher, Miss Key, to action plan and take forward ideas as a team. They are also responsible for communicating messages back and forth between their classes and the council, so that everyone is informed and involved.

Recent Activities

Eco Council Litter Pick – 23rd May 2023

The Eco Council completed a successful litter pick in the local area. They completed the litter pick around St Mary’s Church and Glebelands park. The Eco councillors worked with Jacky, who is a volunteer with Eco Friendly Garforth and she was very impressed with their efforts. Well done Eco team!

Earth Day – 21st April 2023

On the last day of the week children were encouraged to walk, cycle or scooter to school. This was to celebrate Earth Day and show appreciation for environmental activism.

GLPA Action Plan

Each year, the Eco Council reviews it’s previous plans and generates a new plan, based on the needs of our environment, both locally and globally. Please see below for further information the current priorities and actions.

Being informed and involved with Eco-schools:

Some of our historic work, both in school and at home!

Low Energy Day 2022

In July 2022, we worked with the Garforth Eco Councils from other primaries to hold a low energy day. Each school promoted the ideas and encouraged classes to do their best to reduce energy use. Our aim was to show people how easy it is to reduce energy and have a positive impact on our environment.