The Thrive Approach At Green Lane Primary Academy

Thrive is a systematic approach we have adopted to support the early identification of emotional developmental need in children, so that differentiated provision can be put in place quickly to support the individual child’s development needs. It is preventative, reparative, pragmatic and easy to use. We seek to support children’s ability to develop with emotional resilience, independence and confidence.

We are clear that children will have barriers to learning if these needs are not met and therefore this is a priority in terms of the provision for our pupils. We place high worth on this provision, due to the impact that it has had.

Pupils are identified either through a whole-class or individual assessment, and this could lead to identifying a personal target or it may identify whole-class needs, which can be addressed through whole-class provision. If a personal target is identified, then children will be able to receive support through either a small group or 1-2-1 session, depending on the assessment of need.

At Green Lane we have licensed Thrive Practitioners who support pupils who have development targets.

Thrive Practitioners

Mrs Wadsworth

Mrs Stainburn

SLT Thrive Lead

Mrs Kirwan

Thrive Room

We have a dedicated space to provide a resources area to support our children who are receiving Thrive support.

Further information

Please read below for more information on the intent of the approach.

Resources for parents